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CPD Category 1 and 3b Courses, Workshops and readings


August Special | International Use of Colour Course | 2CPD


2 August | Work Stage 5 Site Service| 1CPD

16 August | Submitting Plans Online| 1CPD


Voice of the Architect Film Festival | 14-15, 21-22 October 


New Video series: The Architects series_ep 1-12

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Voice of the Architect

Architectural Short film Festival coming October

What is CPD CENTRAL? glad you asked

CPD Central is an Architect founded learning environment which offers centralized professional development, resulting in the up-skilling and empowering of individuals seeking to further their knowledge around design and the Architectural profession through a globally accessible digital platform.

Through our network of industry expert instructors, and our strong relationship with SACAP (The South African Council for the Architectural Profession) and GIfA (Gauteng Institute for Architecture) we have developed a wide, and ever-growing selection of accredited CPD Category 1 and Category 3 online courses, workshops and readings which are essential to your continual professional development and business success.

Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, draftsman, material specialists, lighting designer, colour specialist or business owner in the design field - obtain and maintain your CPD credits through our self-paced, online courses and engaging online workshops, and get your accredited on-demand certificates on completion.

Why learn with CPD Central?


    Save costs on travel, accommodation and catering that in-house training requires as well as the cost of being out of the office when one could be learning on the go.


    Accessibility is key in today's world and online learning puts everything at your fingertips. Learn on a laptop or mobile device, learn in a plane or on land. Learn regardless and on your own time.


    We offer on-demand course completion CPD certificates which have instant download capability and are usefully stored under your profile section. We are currently the only South African Architectural digital course provider with instant CPD certification capacity.


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