The Architects Series

Episodes 1-12


Video Summary

These are a series of 12 Architect interviews which showcase both the Architect as well as their work.

Ep. 1 -  MC A Architects

Ep. 2 -  Grimshaw

Ep. 3 - Archi-Tectonics

Ep.4 -  WorkAC

Ep.5 -  Ennead

Ep.6 - FXCollaborative

Ep.7 -  Weiss/Manfredi

Ep.8 - BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Ep.9 -  SHoP Architects

Ep.10 - Behnisch Architekten

Ep.11 - 3XN Architects

Ep.12 - GCA Architects

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Video Series produced by the Iris Ceramics Group

Design firm Various
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A series of documentaries

This Series is visual storytelling whereby the Architects tell about themselves, where they started, their sources of inspiration, studies, design philosophy and approach and work methodology. Through the presentation of some active projects and others currently in progress, the Architects reveal their ideas of ​​architecture and the profession as a whole.